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How to Start Writing

Recently I started watching my favorite movies again. I told myself this was the best way to restart my creative brain and ween from social media. I have been feeling lonely though I am rarely alone. Something has changed and it's never going to return.

There is an aspect of human interaction that was well curated at one point. If a friend says they are coming to visit I don't think about when they don't. If a social media Post gets no traction I never thought it would in the first place. I haven't been able to bring myself to care about my likes or engagement and tell myself it will come when it comes. And to think that when it doesn't, will I just be working and ignoring the rest.

This is where returning to my favorite movies come in handy. My specific goals in life have been to create what's in my head to have experience. Watching something that gets me so excited I can't help but to write a new story. I can't help but to rant on and finally start these posts.

This blog might be a silent void full of creativity. I just had to make the first post.

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