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"Don't talk to ME or my PENCIL ever Again"

There gets to be a point in the night in which you are either too hyper to continue to draw or too sleepy to continue to draw. Both are equally as satisfying as you just want to climb in the bed and start it all over in the morning. I've been a bit all over today. Satisfied with my day for once and yearning to achieve more. Found myself gaining more commissions out of no where...maybe because I actually advertised that I'm open to doing them. I end up with some quirky requests but people don't realize I'll draw whatever you want, with some exceptions. And interesting point in conversation today, as I am drawing the classic "Tentacle Porn" piece. I haven't drawn anything with an octopus since my tribute to "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" unfinished piece I eventually gave away. Pictured on the left below. The piece was lovely I thought, maybe a bit too ambitious, the body for the lady I just never got right. Maybe I should redraw it someday.

To continue, in the conversation, the client talked of how he would love robot tentacles to be invented. I mentioned Bad Dragon's tentacle dildos...BUT a much better point is that we probably will see some sorta robotech advancement for sexual deviancy. I say this because in history, most technology is either used in Sex or Violence...and sometimes both. People are quirky.

I'll post the finished product of the tentacle piece, the faces have to stay censored but if you want to see it in stages, it's over on my instagram @mechanicalpencilgirl. -MPG

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