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I don't have much of anything to say, I just finished a commission and rushed this piece below. I have all these plans...well not many, just one, to head over to Arizona...why? Desert, heat, cactus, stars...why not. I've spent most of my existence on the East Coast. I need more experience that doesn't involve mediocre drama.

This is for Tattooed Mom's 20th Anniversary Show. It's a bit rushed but meh.

And I drew a Samurai Pizza Cat for Bad Luck Jimmy because I can. Funny because it was just a doddle then turned into an inked and toned piece. Not really on character model but I have not drawn any cartoon style or mecha style character in years and SPC is both...Funny thing about this toned background. It's created from a scan of a Kimono Stencil in my collection of things. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the stencils beside maybe frame them one day. They have nice designs so custom screentones. If I ever manage to own a decent set of printers again, I'm going to sell custom screentone.

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