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98% Happy

Recently I made this face in Graphic Gale as a joke...BY THE WAY...if you want a 110% great program for pixel animation, to make icons or pixel art in general, this became freeware! took me about 1 minute or so to draw this thing but I dunno, it's just...98% happy and missing the other two percent which got me on this round of jokes that no one will likely care about.

I made a bunch of products and sat them in my Etsy. I plan on doing some actual graphics for products soon...ish. Trying not to fill my plate too much but if you want to read great descriptions such as...

" You are happy, but just not all the way happy, you gauge to be about 98% so that's more than most...I mean things could always be better, but you're okay like this "

Then head over to my etsy...

Cause you ain't got shit else to do. I think I will draw a character with this on the shirt.

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